new music update

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Jan 112018
I've got two upcoming shows and news on the next album in the latest TheMikeDuBose news letter. Sign up via the link on the right!

holiday depression songs!

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Nov 302017

It’s officially the holiday season. Well, if you believe your local big box store, that probably started immediately after Halloween. But we won’t think of them, because it’s almost December…so it’s safe to display and decorate your holiday shrubbery…

memories of music

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Oct 262017
memories of music

As I was driving to work today, I noticed a familiar sticker on the car in front of me. When we hit a stoplight, I was able to confirm that the vehicle in fact did have a sticker from my old band Analog Revolution. This blew me a way a little bit, as w…

early October happenings

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Oct 042017
early October happenings

I have a band!Using methods beyond my own comprehension, I have assembled yet another backing band (The Antidepressants version 4.0, I think). I can now bring a full band rock show to my second album’s songs. This makes me mighty happy. We played as a …

Horror Classics: Candyman

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Sep 282017
Horror Classics: Candyman

This movie is so incredibly from the early ’90s. I am pretty pumped. Let’s do this!

Someone is whispering about blood under a bunch of bees. He’s got a hook hand and wants to split you from your gut to your gullet. Now bees are attacking Chicago. O…

TheMikeDuBose 2017-08-21 20:30:00

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Aug 212017
TheMikeDuBose 2017-08-21 20:30:00

It’s been entirely too long since I released my debut album Skeleton Coast. I really wanted to get a follow-up out fairly quickly. Life, though, has a way of intervening whenever possible. There was production issues. There was a year-long detour into …

How Magic: The Gathering Lost its Magic for Me

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Jul 302017
How Magic: The Gathering Lost its Magic for Me

Today in The Cube:Please first of all understand I am no casual Magic: The Gathering fan.I started playing in 2009 and was immediately hooked. I began amassing a collection that amounted to an estimated 20,000-plus cards. I played nearly every week, ho…

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