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Blatant Self Promotion

What was SSD Press?

some stupid dogs started as a group of college students trying to pass time and pretend they were intellectuals while sitting in coffee houses. Oddly enough six years later, most of us were still in touch and around to varying degrees. After a few years of shooting the breeze and occasionally discussing poetry, prose, art or the state of underwear elastic in third world nations, our intentions solidified with a wonderful idea from one of our members (known here as Melchior). In August of 2000 Anthros ex Machina hit the stands with its first bi-monthly issue. After five solid issues of A.E.M. it was decided to have it go out with a bang instead of a whimper. At that point it was decided to start a new magazine to take over where A.E.M. left off. The first issue of This is Not... was released in July of 2001. After six great issues T.I.N, unfortunately, went out with a whisper in December of 2002. Since then the core group has scattered to the wind (and back in some cases).