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Blatant Self Promotion

Melchior The Creator and Head Editor of Anthros ex Machina, Melchior, had been an indispensable member of SSD from the very beginning. Although he stepped down from the roll the Head Editor with the release of This is Not..., he still played a vital roll as motivator and submitter through the first incarnation.
Johnny Rumored to live in the forests of, it is suggested that Johnny may actually be one of the mythical sasquatch. For those on the SSD Press staff that have actually seen Johnny, it is known he was at least a Co-Head Editor of This is Not..., an avid skate boarder, and game designer.
Spackle Constant agitator and headache for a majority of the creative staff, Spackle was responsible for the layout of both magazines as well as a semi-frequent submitter and webmaster of ssdpress.org. He, Johnny and Vaginagirl were the Co-Head Editors of This is Not.... Spackle is also likely Matt Ruzicka.
Vaginagirl Vital advisor for production and printing of both Anthros ex Machina and This is Not.., Vaginagirl has submitted multiple photographic entries. With the release of This is Not.. issue #4, Vaginagirl had joined the ranks of Co-Head Editor.
Phlegm Grand daddy of 'zines and inspiration to the rest of the crew. Charter member of the original incarnation of SSD who was well known for his dedication to meetings and arguments.
Often allusive, saditurn was SSD Press' Michigan liaison where he spent much of his time co-creating www.life2k.org. A charter member of the original incarnation of SSD and long time dispenser of confusion and inspiration.
007 Historian, literati, super spy and Groove Masters; 007 does it all. Now known to split his time between Chicago and Columbus, OH.
Free Lance Multiple submitter of illustrations, Free Lance currently resides in Boulder where he wishes he had more time to work on his art.
../jwb{!=23} ../jwb{!=23} has worked on numerous 'zines, under a variety of different names that have inspired us all.
Cthulu23 Cthulu23 had been an unwitting submitter of Anthos ex Machina on only one occasion, but was always great company.
Biscuit Contributor to the first issue of This is not... and all around nice guy.
Snow Dragon Snow Dragon submitted to Anthros , but the editors finally got off their asses and included one of his poems in the first issue of T.I.N..
Warrior Poetess Warrior Poetess uses her powers (mostly) for good and to preserve the American way of life. WP was 1/2 the creative team behind the T.I.N. Ballistics Report.
Bagboy Bagboy was the other half of the creative team for the T.I.N. Ballistics Report. Renowned ninja hunter, Bagboy could be found hanging around parking structures with his idling Ford F-150 or serving tea (and more?) at any number of local geisha houses.
John Wayne's Ghost John Wayne's Ghost spent much of his time eating out and giving brief commentary on restaurants. Check out his reviews in every issue of T.I.N.
Sect The mysterious Sect dropped in out of the blue to show the old men that the times were a changin'.
Zebra Cock Zebra Cock's origin's, as well as why he goes by a name like Zebra Cock, are beyond the editors knowledge. The only known fact is Phlegm met him while being harassed in Illinois.
Nun by Day Nun by Day had been our first totally anonymous contributor. Short of a Yahoo! email address and a possibly assumed (we assumed) name, nothing is known of the author other than they may or may not be a nun and we are very thankful they were willing to work with us to get their story printed.
Frisky Mama Often changing her appearance (and even ethnicity), Frisky Mama had spent at least some of her time making demented little books about anything from pet care to toys and games. As her motto says, "Copyright is stupid, steal everything", it is possible that she has even been multiple people.
Jason Zeh Magnetic cassette tape composer, Xerox artist and university instructor. Currently collaborating on Artomatic 419! as part of ZERO Collective and a second as yet untitled cassette and ceramics project.
Macyn Elliot Activist, philosopher and drummer. Currently collaborating on Artomatic 419! as part of ZERO Collective with another project or two potentially in the works.